RTA Summer Camp Activity schedule 2021 m

RTA Tennis Summer Camp: July 5 - August 28 - Monday to Friday (equipment included)

Tennis at Ladywood Villa, Spring Farm Estates Rose Hall - Drop off location

Limited Space available

Full Morning Tennis Camp Activity Prog:                            9:00am -1:00

Evening Strictly Tennis Prog:                                              2:30pm - 4:30/ 4:30-6:30

  • Strictly 1hrs Tennis:                                   US20              $2,500 Per child (1 day) Strictly 2hrs Tennis:                                   US$40            $5,000 per child(1 day)    RTA 3.5hrs Full Morning Tennis Camp:     US$45            $6,000 per child.(1 day) RTA Private Lesson 1hr:                           US$60             $8,000 PRIVATE

  • Full Morning Camp Program includes a Free Daily Snack and Fruit

  • 3-Day Morning Tennis Package:                                        US$125            $16,500 per child. 4-Day Morning Tennis  Package:                         US$150           $19,500 per child.  What to bring to tennis: Hat, Water, Sunblock , Pack Lunch/ Snack, towel, Change of shirt

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RTA Kingston Summer Tennis Camp: July 05 - August 28 - Monday to Friday (equipment included).

Morning Tennis Camp Activity Prog.                   $9:00am -12:30

Evening Strictly Tennis Prog.                              $2:30pm - 4:30/ 4:30-6:30


Strictly 1hrs Tennis                                              $2,000 per child (1 day) (US$15)                      Strictly 2hrs Tennis                                              $3,500 per child(1 day) (US$30)

RTA Morning Tennis Camp Activity                     $5,000 per child (1 day) (US$40)

Packages: Free Daily Snack and Fruit Provided

3-Day Tennis Package: .                                                 $14,000 per child.(US$110)

4-Day Package: .                                                            $17,500 per child.(US135)

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